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Offer introduction

The DediGames offer is born of the will to combine the services that made VeryGames success and the advantages of a dedicated server.

The DediGames offers advantages

For a "classic" server :

   * A complete administration panel, making a lot of tasks easy, such as reboots, reinstallations...
   * A multi-games system with tons of games and mods.
   * Loads of secondary services, statistics, HLTV, a web hosting, a VOIP server (depending on the offer), ...
   * The secondary services and your game server are hosted on separate machines.
   * Cheaper than a dedicated machine.

For a "DediGames" server :

   * No other clients on the machine, which means no sharing of the ressources, (CPU and RAM mostly).
   * Possibility to change the number of slots any time as you wish.
   * Possibility to create/delete/start/stop servers any time as you wish.
   * Cheaper than the classic VeryGames offers when you intend to have several servers, especially for public servers.


The technical method

VeryGames has, since its creation, always been on the look for new technologies, especially for the CPU.
At the end of 2006's summer, the Core2Duo processors came out, and 2 months later, a huge part of our 400 machines were equipped with it.

To this day there are processors with 4,6 or even 8 cores !

This amount of power, we've decided to use it to :

   * improve the quality and the ease of use of our game servers.
   * reduce the prices on game servers rental, especially for those that with to have at least 2 servers or a public servers.

How ? By renting power instead of game servers.

For this, we've developped tools that allow us to split a machine's power at the level of the processor's cores.

So, the technical method of the DediGames offer is to rent processor's cores.

Each core is rented with 2 GB fo RAM, dedicated too, which is huge !

It's a real innovation in the online gaming world.

Our processors are Intel QuadCores working ar 2.4GHz.

The operating system is Linux Debian, with a super-efficient kernel (tickless !).

The bandwidth is unlimited

With DediGames you'll be able to :

   * Start as many servers you want : 1, 2, 3, 10, 20 ! (As long as there's RAM available !)
   * Choose the number of slots for every server you have : 2, 12, 20, 32 slots !
   * Manage you CPU and RAM consumption, with graphs.
   * Choose to set your servers private or public anytime as you wish.
   * Put as many bots as you want and install the hlguard plugin.
   * Set everything through the VeryGames admin panel, quick and easy.
   * Access every servers' datas with only one FTP access.
   * Choose the IP:Port of every server (for instance, on IP per server, or every server with the same IP and different ports.
   * And so much more !

And for the big consummers, it is possible to rent 2, 3, 4 cores, and split the load on every cores, automatically.

DediGames is a totally different sight compared to what we can find today with game servers providers.

After the Multi-Mod and the Multi-Game, we are proud of this new innovation and we're confident that it will become a reference.

The prices

Here are the prices of the VeryGames offer, as described above:

   * DediGames 1 core (2GB of RAM): 29,99 euros per month (VAT included) 
   * DediGames 2 cores (4GB of RAM): 59,99 euros per month (VAT included)
   * DediGames 3 cores (6GB of RAM): 79,99 euros per month (VAT included)
   * DediGames 4 cores (8GB of RAM): 94,99 euros per month (VAT included)

We estimate that a DediGames with one core can host around 40 players simultaneously. The number of players you can host will depend on the game, the plugins, the configuration (tickrate especially).

Services included with the offer

WIth the DediGames offer, you're beneficiary of :

  • The VeryGames support.
  • AutoPlugins for the compatible games.
  • 5 web hostings per core to host your websites and other contents.
  • A 40 slots Mumble ULL or a 20 slots Teamspeak 3 per core, interchangeable at any time.
  • And much more !

The options

The Personal Mirror option

Allows you to a fast download mirror that you can synchronize at any time in your VeryGames admin panel.

The DiskSpace option

Allows you to increase your available disk space for your services.

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