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Offer's introduction

The DediGames Pro offer is aimed at teams wishing to only have one server, with high-end quality and services.

It's identical to the DediGames offer, with restrictions (only 1 server per core, 16 slots tops, public or private), and adaptations : specific IP adresses (with a specific network name) allowing to easily identify a DediGames PRO server in HLSW, rules surrounding the rates settings for an optimal quality on every DediGames PRO servers.

1000 FPS are guaranteed, thanks to the very high end equipment, and our optimised Linux kernels (tickless).

The biggest difference between the DediGames PRO offer and the DediGames PRO XtreM offer is the 40% increasing of the CPU power, 3.4GHz instead of 2.4GHz.


   * DediGames PRO 1 Core (2Go de RAM): 29,99 euros per month (VAT included)
   * 24h/24 Option: 15 euros per month (VAT included)
   * International Option: 5 euros per month (VAT included)

The DediGames PRO price is lower than for the DediGames offer, despite the fact that we propose the same ressources.

This is due to the fact that there's a limit of one 16 slots server (private or public), which implies a lower consumption on network and electricity.

Without the 24h/24 option, the servers unused for 30 minutes are automatically paused.

Services included in the offer

With the DediGames PRO XtreM offer, you are beneficiary :

  • Of the VeryGames support.
  • Of the AutoPlugins for the compatible games.
  • Of a web hosting to host your website or other contents.
  • Of a 40 slots Mumble ULL or a 20 slots Teamspeak 3 interchangeable at any time.
  • And much more !

The options

The 24h/24 option

This allows you to get rid of the pause system after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Useful if you wish to make your DediGames PRO XtreM a public server.

The International option

A DediGames PRO XtreM with the international option is a multi-country server.
Which means that you will be able to change the country hosting your server, at any time, as you wish.

The goal is to allow you to move your server from a country to another, when you play international matches.
For example, if you play a english team while your german, you can move your server to London in one click.
The same way, a game between an english team and a german team can be played in a neutral spot, by moving your server to Paris.
That way, the pings can be balanced at all time.

At the moment, VeryGames is :

 * in France (Paris)
 * in Germany (Frankfurt)
 * in England (London)

So you'll be able to change between these countries.
New countries will be available in the coming months, and will be included in the International offer.

The game server's datas remain unchanged when you move to another country, and they remain reachable using the FTP.
However, the IP adress changes, it's inevitable, for a technical matter of routing.
For every country, you will have a fix IP address. It means that every time you move your server to a specific country, you'll have the same IP you had the previous time.

The Personal Mirror option

Allows you to have a fast download mirror that you'll be able to synchronize any time from your VeryGames admin panel.

The DiskSpace option

Allows you to increase your available disk space for your services.

Why does the server pause itself after 30 minutes of inactivity ?

A DediGames PRO XtreM is like a Ferrari, it consumes much, so when we don't use it ... we shut the engine off.

This allows us to limit the hosting costs for VeryGames, and thus to limit the offer's costs for the clients, while preserving the exceptional quality of the DediGames PRO.

Does the CSS VeryGames team play on a DediGames PRO XtreM ?

Indeed, the VeryGames professional team play all their official matches and praccs on a DediGames PRO XtreM server with the International option.

It allows them to play in op Cela leur permet de jouer in optimal conditions.

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