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DediGames PRO offer is aiming for teams looking for the best server quality ever to play their matches.

Offer is identical to DediGames, but with a maximum of one server (only one server per core, maximum 16 slots, public or private), and with few changes : special IP (DediGames PRO certified) so you can be sure you are playing on a true DediGames PRO, and special tweak for best server registry.

1000 FPS are garanteed because of top quality components and tweaked Linux kernel (tickless).


   * DediGames PRO 1 Core (2GB RAM): 19,99 euros/month
   * 24h/24 Option : 10 euros/month
   * International Option : 5 euros/month

DediGames PRO is less expensive than DediGames but it is same hardware and quality.

This is because we limit to only one server (maximum 16 slots), which means less electrical and network usage.

With 24h/24 option, servers which are inactive for 30 minutes will be automatically paused.

24h/24 Option

It disables automatic server pausing after 30 minutes inactivity. Usefull if you need DediGames PRO for public server.

International Option

DediGames PRO with Internaltional option is multi-country. That means you can switch your server location between VeryGames datacenter.

VeryGames is currently localised into France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt) and United Kingdom (London). So you are able to switch between these three countries.

New locations will be available into incoming months and will be added to International offer country list.

Gameserver data won't change if you switch location, they'll still be accessible throught FTP, only IP address will change. For each location, you got fixed IP address. That means each time you switch server to desired location, IP will remain same as last time you used this location.


Does Team VeryGames play on DediGames PRO ?

Of course, professional players of Team VeryGames are playing all their officials and practice clanwars on DediGames PRO gameserver with International option.

So they play with optimal conditions.

Why is my gameserver paused after 30 minutes of inactivity ?

DediGames PRO is like Ferrari, it uses lot of ressources, so when you aren't using it with shutdown engine.

It permits VeryGames to lowered hosting cost and so lower product price, without ofcourse decreasing the fantastic DediGames PRO quality..