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What is a Multi-Games server ?

Multigame servers are the evolution of multimod servers.
The game management system is highly flexible, and doesn't exist anywhere else !

Each game is installed on your FTP, at your request, by one single click in your administration panel.
You can change the game, from CS:Source to Battlefield 2 for instance, for free, in less than a couple of minutes !
And without changing the IP address !

Game directories are all installed simultaneously. They're never deleted, even when you switch games. The configuration is kept, and you can access it anytime.

A lot of hours of development were required for this unique flexibility. And a lot of hard drives.. =)

With your VeryGames' game server, you have more than 180 interchangeable games and mods at your disposal.
Editable anytime, and available in a couple of minutes.

Check out the list of our games here :

The panel "My games"

To access, click Panel SP mygames button EN.jpg

My games

My games.png

In this section, you can see :

  • The history of your installed games
  • A search engine game
  • The list of games and mods

Launch, repair, uninstall and reinstall a game

To install a game on your server, you can just search for it with our search engine.
Once you find the game you want, click "INSTALL".
The installation of the game is fast, it can be a bit longer for some games.

Installed games EN.png

You can see here :

  • See the name of the game
  • See the note given to the game

If you want to rate this game, just click on the number of stars you want to give

  • See if the game is running on your server or not
  • Choose an action : throwing, repair, reinstall and uninstall the game.


In Panel SP myserver button EN.jpg, you can also launch and uninstall a game

Myserver games EN.png

These actions are only possible here on the games you've already installed.
To add a game in the list, you must first install the game via"My games" button



Click on the date and time's box that you want to program.
A frame appears.

Calendar programmation.png

Then simply choose the time and the game.

For exemple :

Calendar programmation end.png