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[Bukkit] Factions


  • Version available via AutoPlugin : v1.1
  • This plugin will allow the players on the server to create factions/guilds.
  • The factions can claim territory that will be protected from nonmembers.
  • Factions can declare themselves allies or enemies of other factions.

NOTE : Link to forum plugin


The plugin works fine with its default configuration, however, it can be configured :

  • The configuration file can be found here :

War configuration

“powerPlayerMax”: 10 
“powerPlayerMin”: -10 
  • Alter these values to change how much power a single player contributes to a faction. By default, the power of a player will be at the maximum. Upon a player's death, he/she loses power. However, the power can not fall below the minimum value.
“powerPerDeath”: 2.0 
  • This decides how much power a player (and consequently his/her faction) will lose upon death.
“powerPerMinute”: 0.2 
  • All players regain this much power every minute. It can be seen as the “health rate”. With the default value of 0.2, it will take 5 minutes to regain one power.
“territoryShieldFactor”: 0.5 
  • If a player is hurt by an enemy in his/her faction's territory, the player will not take full damage. The damage will be reduced by this factor. Set it to 1.0, and it will be impossible to kill someone in his/her own territory.
“territoryProtectedMaterials”: ["WOODEN_DOOR","DISPENSER","CHEST","FURNACE"]
  • These blocks can only be interacted with by the members of the faction that controls the territory where the block is standing.

NOTE : Find a full list of material types here :


Here are all of the commands that are available:

/f help,h [page] 
  • Displays the in-game help pages.
/f list,ls 
  • Lists all factions on the server.
/f show *[nom de la faction] 
  • Show detailed information on a certain faction.
/f map *[on|off]
  • Show an ASCII-art map of the nearby territory. Per default it will render only when you use the command. If you specify on or off you will toggle if the map should render every once in a while.
/f join [faction] 
  • Join a faction.
/f leave 
  • Leave your current faction.
/f chat,c 
  • Switch faction only chat on and off.
/f create,new [faction tag] 
  • Create a new faction with you as administrator.
/f name,rename [new faction name] 

//Rename the faction.

/f desc [description] 
  • Change the faction description.
/f open,close 
  • Switch if invitation is required to join your faction.
/f title [player name] [title]
  • Set or remove a player's title. This serves special meaning. It’s just fun and allows you to “promote” players.
/f invite,inv [player name] 
/f deinvite,inv [player name]
  • Invite/deinvite a player to your faction. If your guild is closed, then invitations are required to join the guild.
/f kick [player name] 
  • Kick a player from the faction. Faction moderators can kick regular members, but not each other. The faction administrator can kick moderators though.
/f mod [player name] 
  • Give or revoke moderator rights to one of the members of the faction. You must be the faction administrator to do this.
/f admin [player name]
  • Hand over your administrator rights to another member. Note that you are really handing it over.
/f claim
/f unclaim
  • Claim or unclaim the land where you are standing. The area claimed is a Minecraft “chunk”. It is an 16×16 area all the way from bedrock to the sky. If you are claiming territory from another faction, you must start at the border. Only faction moderators and administrators may do this.
/f ally [faction name]
/f neutral [faction name]
/f enemy [faction name]
  • Set which relation your wish to have with another faction.

This Read more about relations below.

Relations, Territory and War

The factions on the server have relations to each other :

   * ally
   * neutral 
   * enemy

You choose your wished relation to another faction through a chat command.

Ground Rules:

   * If both factions wish ally, you will be allies.
   * If one faction wishes enemy, you will be enemies.
   * You can never hurt members or allies (friendly fire is always off).
   * You cannot hurt neutrals in their own territory.
   * You can always hurt enemies and players without a faction.
   * Damage from enemies is reduced by 50% in your own territory.

Only faction members can build and destroy in their own territory. Usage of the following items is also restricted:

   * door
   * chest
   * furnace
   * dispensers

Every player has “power”. The power can at most be 10 and at least be -10. If a player dies, then he/she loses 2 power. The power will be restored over time. It takes 5 min for 1 power to be restored. Note that it does not matter at all how the player dies. He/she may be killed by being slain by an enemy or by crushed in sand. In either case, the player will lose 2 power.

The power of a faction is the sum of all member power. Every power grants the faction right to claim one land/chunk. You can claim land from a faction if it has too low power.

Example :
Two healthy players, MrApe and MrCow, had a faction named SuperAnimals. The faction SuperAnimals had 20 power. This was because the members had 10 power each and 10 + 10 = 20. They claimed as much territory as they could (20 Minecraft chunks that is). Then, MrApe drowned in lava. As MrApe died, he lost 2 power. After that, he had only 8/10 power. Therefore, the faction SuperAnimals had 18 power, as 8 + 10 = 18. At this point, SuperAnimals had more land than it could handle (20/18). Bulldozer, a member of an enemy faction, took the chance to claim some of SuperAnimals' land. He managed to claim 2 chunks at the border of SuperAnimals' territory, but he could not claim more, as SuperAnimals then had (18/18) land. Source :