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[Bukkit] MyWarp





By giving your permission to mywarp.warp.basic.* users, they will be able to use basic commands

/warp <name>/ - (mywarp.warp.basic.warp) - Warps to <name>
/warp create <name> - (mywarp.warp.basic.createpublic) - Create a new (generally public) warp at your current location
/warp set <name> - Alias for /warp create
/warp pcreate <name> - (mywarp.warp.basic.createprivate) - Create a new private warp at your current position
/warp delete <name> - (mywarp.warp.basic.delete) - Deletes your warp, <name>
/warp welcome <name> - (mywarp.warp.basic.welcome) - Change the welcome message for warp <name>
/warp point <name> - (mywarp.warp.basic.compass) - Points your compass to warp <name>
/warp list (#) - (mywarp.warp.basic.list) - List all of the warps you have access to (page style)
/warp search <query> - ( List all of the warps you have access to (hMod style)
/warp slist - (mywarp.warp.basic.list) -  List all of the warps you have access to (hMod style)


However, sometimes your users will demand more. They'll want to make their warps private, invite only specific people to their warps, even give their warp to someone else. MyWarp can do that too.

Give your users mywarp.warp.soc.*, and they'll be able to do all of that.

/warp give <player> <name> - (mywarp.warp.soc.give) - Give your warp <name> to <player>
/warp invite <player> <name> - (mywarp.warp.soc.invite) - Invites <player> to your warp <name>
/warp uninvite <player> <name> - (mywarp.warp.soc.uninvite) - Uninvites <player> from your warp <name> 
/<name> chaîne / public - (mywarp.warp.soc.public) - Makes your warp <name> public
/chaîne <name> privé - (mywarp.warp.soc.private) - Makes your warp, <name>, private


Sometimes, warps can be long and hard to remember. This is where MyWarp's auto-complete abilities come into play. It tries to find the most applicable match, and sends you there. It only considers warps you have access to, and will not send you somewhere unless it knows it's correct.


As an server administrator, warps can easily be abused. MyWarp gives you access to be able to visit and modify all the warps.

/warp convert - (mywarp.admin) - Converts the warps from warps.txt into the db
/warp player <player> <name> - (mywarp.admin) -   Warps <player> to warp <name>