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Minecraft VQS A game unlike any other
The Minecraft VQSi offer
What's Minecraft ?
Minecraft Classic or Craftbukkit or OpenMod JAVA
VeryGames' admin panel
Minecraft's Frequently Asked Questions !

Free services
Autoplugin plugins in one click !
Map Viewer visualize your world in 3D
Map Backup day to day backup of your map
MySQL Database 1 GB for your plugins
OpenMod JAVA load up any version of Minecraft

Optional services
Map Viewer Premium render every 8 hours + LiveMap
Map Backup Premium backup every 2 hours
DiskSpace to store even more
Voice Server to communicate between players

Minecraft et ses mods
The possibilities of a Minecraft server
Craftbukkit : Its perks over Minecraft
Craftbukkit : A few plugins to know
Minecraft : The other mods to know

VeryGames' Minecraft VQSi offer

The "Minecraft VQS infinite" offer (VeryGames Quality Server infinite)

This offer was specially designed for Minecraft players and communities.

You can completely customize your offer. Minecraft VQSinfinite allows you to choose the number of slots, the size of your storage space, the type and number of slots of a voice server, the addition of a domain name...

If you choose to take a voice server, we offer a 5 GB web hosting with it, regardless of the number of slots !

Above all, you can change your offer any time, for all the elements of your rental (except for the domain name), without any additional charges !

VeryGames has a very powerful network, which allows to play on Minecraft VQSinfinite servers everywhere in the world with an optimal quality.