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Panel Crysis2 EN.png

Administration panel

  • In this panel, you will find all the needed informations to use your Minecraft VQS server.

Panel admin Crysis2 EN.png

Minecraft server information

Informations Crysis2 EN.png

  • Server ID – Private or public - Country * Option(s) enabled * Renew its offer
  • Slots's number of your game server
  • Slots's number of your voice server (If you have one)
  • End date

Action buttons

Panel Crysis2 admin boutons EN.png

Manage rights

Panel Crysis2 manage rights button.png

1. Mail choice

Enter the VeryGames account email which you want to add, modify or delete an secondary access and click on "Search".

Mail rights.png

2. Manage access

Click on Manage rights configure button.pngof the service which you want to add, modify or delete rights.
NOTE : if you have no voice server, or web hosting, you can only give rights to Crysis 2 game server.

SP manage rights.png

For exemple : we will give rights to Mumble ULL 1.2 #1343 of the server pack .
Then, click onManage rights configure button.png in the vocal server frame.

In the right list, you just need to :
- check the rights you wish to add.
- uncheck the rights you wish to delete.
- If you want to give Full rights you can click on Gerer droits allselection button.JPG
- If you want to delete All the rights you can click on Gerer droits noselection button.JPG

Verify carefully that you can give the proposed rights.
Some rights are available only with certain games, some options or some services.

WARNING : the rights with this symbol before Gerer droits warning button.JPG, are made ​​to warn you that if you give this right, the person will have access to confidential data.
She may by example change your password .
Do not give these rights only if you are very confident of that person .

- Validate by clicking on Managel rights apply rights button.png

3. List of secondary access

Secondary access list.png

Change offer

Panel Crysis2 change offer button.png

Change offer is a service that let you change from one offer to another for FREE, only your rental end date will be changed.

For a Crysis 2 server you can:

  • Rent or remove a voice server

NOTE : such as web hosting is offered when you rent a voice server, if you delete it, you will lose your web hosting.

More information of the change offer here

Game server panel

  • This is the panel of your game server, your voice server (if you have one) and your web hosting (if you have one).

It allows you to manage your server optimally with tools.

Panel server Crysis2 EN.png


Informations mini Crysis2 EN.png

1. You can find :

  • Your game server
  • Your vocal server (if you have one)
  • Your web hosting (if you have one)
  • Your domain name (if you have one)

NOTE : if you didn't have domain name, you didn't have "domaine name" tab.

2. And a mini information bar :

  • Operating Status
  • Server ID
  • Game
  • IP Adress/port
  • Slots number
  • Action buttons (Restart and stop the server)

Tools buttons

Panel Crysis2 tools.png

My server

Panel Crysis2 myserver button.png

This button allows you to make changes or to define some common settings for your server :

  • Modify your game server port
  • Modifiy the server name (hostname)

Custom my server

Panel Crysis2 custom my server button.png

Game rules

INSTANT ACTION : free-for-all deathmatch where everyone is an enemy. Whoever scores the most kills within the time limit, wins. You'll need to push the Nanosuit to its limit swapping between armor mode and stealth as the action comes fast and heavy.

TEAM INSTANT ACTION : two teams go head to head in this deathmatch mode. Your objective is to score more points than the opposing team within the time limit by eliminating as many opponents as you can. Utilize the power of the Nanosuit, and good teamwork, to win!

CRASH SITE : this team-based mode sees two teams fight for control of alien pods. Alien ships will launch pods at various locations. Secure and hold the alien pod sites to score points. Pods will expire over time so watch the skies and be ready to move on the next location!

CAPTURE THE RELAY : two teams face off and try to capture one another's relays. Each team possesses a relay at their base which must be defended. To score you must capture your enemies relay and deliver it to your base. Use the Nanosuit tactically to armor up and defend your base, or take the stealth approach and sneak in to grab the enemy relay.

EXTRACTION : in this round-based mode one team must locate alien creatures called Ticks which are being guarded by the defending team, and bring them back to the extraction point where an escape helicopter awaits. Extracting a tick gives the team an energy upgrade to the Nanosuit which can be used tactically to capture the remaining ticks. There are two Ticks: an armor Tick and a stealth Tick.

ASSAULT : an asymmetrical game mode where one team play equipped with Nanosuits, attempting to infiltrate the enemy stronghold and download the vital blueprints from terminals. The other team play as special force soldiers with brutal weaponry but without the dynamic abilities of the Nanosuit. Four rounds and only one life per-player per-round. The team that manages to download the most data across the rounds wins.

Game types

STANDARD : regular version of the game mode for players of any rank. Supported on all game modes.

BEGINNER'S PLAYGROUND : this mode is tailored for newcomers to the game, with participants limited to those of rank 10 and under. Supported on Instant Action and Team Instant Action only.

PRO : pro mode allows hardened veterans to battle with reduced health, limited HUD and without support bonuses. Supported on Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Capture the Relay and Extraction only.

CLASSIC : in Classic mode players battle it out as standard soldiers, without access to the power of the Nanosuit. Supported on Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site and Capture the Relay only.

FAST ROUNDS : the Fast Rounds modifier will dramatically shorten the intermission time between rounds to keep the action moving. Supported on Team Instant Action only.

SOLO : for individual players only. Squads are not allowed to participate. Supported on Team Instant Action, Extraction, Crash Site and Assault only.

SINGLE LIFE : with the Single Life modifier active there are no respawns during rounds. Once players are killed they remain eliminated until a new round begins. This modifier brings tension and excitement to each round, so use tactics and the Nanosuit to achieve victory. Supported on Extraction only.


Panel Crysis2 maintenance button EN.png

Here you can :

  • Stop the server
  • Restart you server
  • Reinstall your server

WARNING : all your worlds data will be lost! You can still restore an existing backup.

  • Repair your server

NOTE : this repair will restore the missing and corrupt files.

  • Select below the time you want your server being rebooted every day.

Download Rconnect

Panel Crysis2 download rconnect button.png

Vocal server panel

This is your voice server panel.

  • This allows you to manage optimally your server with tools.

NOTE : if you don't have a voice server, you will not have this panel.

Web hosting panel

This is your web hosting panel.

  • his allows you to manage optimally your web hosting with tools.

NOTE : web hosting is included, if you have rented a voice server. If you do not have one, you will not have this panel.

FTP access

File:Panel Crysis2 ftp button EN.png

  • Here are the FTP information about your Crysis 2 server

FTP acess web hosting of your server Crysis 2

You can create as many FTP as you want; you can delete and change passwords.

File:Panel Crysis2 ftp 2.png