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Administration panel

  • In this panel, you will find all the needed informations to use your Mumble ULL server.

image: Panel_mumble.JPG

Mumble ULL informations

1. The panel

  • ID Server – Country * Option(s) enabled * Renew its offer
  • Slot's number
  • End date


  • Operating Status
  • ID Server
  • Server adress and port
  • Slot's number
  • Action button (Restart and stop the server)

Tools buttons

My server

image: Panel_SP_myserver_button.JPG

You'll find the information of your Mumble ULL :

- Administrator Login - Server IP - Port Number - Admin passwordassword to connect to server (by default)

File:Informations mumble server.JPG

Manage my Mumble ULL

image : Panel_SP_manage_mymumble.png

Mumble ULL viewer

If you want to display your Mumble on your website, you can import the tree by adding the following code :

 <iframe src="http://mumble-[SERVER][PORT]&style=[Style]" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="400" width="200"></iframe>

Styles :

For exemple:

 <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="400" width="200"></iframe>

For the personal style, your style.css must be like this :

 body {
 img {
    border-style: none; 
 div#tree {
 div#channel {
 img.img_chan {
 #connexion {
       border:solid 1px #000;
       text-align: center;
       font-size: 10px;
 #connexion:hover {

To change the size of the viewer, just add "height" et "width" in your code.

For exemple (for Nuked Klan) :

  <iframe src="" height="280" width="180"></iframe>

Manage rights

image: Panel_SP_manage_right_button.jpg

This service allows you to add, edit, delete secondary rights to the admin panel of your voice server.

1. Mail choice

Enter the VeryGames account email which you want to add, modify or delete an secondary access and click on "Search".

image: Mail_rights.png

2. Configure access

Click on image:Manage_rights_configure_button.pngof the service which you want to add, modify or delete rights.

In the right list, you just need to :
- check the rights you wish to add.
- uncheck the rights you wish to delete.
- If you want to give Full rights you can click on image:Gerer_droits_allselection_button.JPG
- If you want to delete All the rights you can click on image: Gerer_droits_noselection_button.JPG

Verify carefully that you can give the proposed rights.
Some rights are available only with certain games, some options or some services.

WARNING : the rights with this symbol before image:Gerer_droits_warning_button.JPG, are made ​​to warn you that if you give this right, the person will have access to confidential data.
She may by example change your password .
Do not give these rights only if you are very confident of that person .

- Validate by clicking on image:Managel_rights_apply_rights_button.png

3. List of secondary access

image: Secondary_access_list.png


image : Panel_SP_maintenance_button.JPG

Here, you can :

  • Start your voice server
  • Stop your voice server
  • Reinstall your voice server

WARNING : all data on the voice server will be lost.

Client Download

image : Download_client.JPG

This button allows you to download the latest version of Voice software.

Change offer

image: Panel_SP_change_offre_button.JPG

Change offer is a service that let you change from one offer to another for FREE, only your rental end date will be changed.

For a Mumble ULL you can :

  • Increase or decrease the number of slots.

More information of the change offer here

First login

Connecting to a public server

To add a Mumble server :

Connecting to a custom server (Favorites)

To add a Mumble server to your favorites :

  • Click on Server and Connexion, if the login page does not open immediately
  • Click on «Add a new»
  • In « Server name » : write the name of the team for exemple
  • In« Adress » : put mumble-[SERVER] (You can find this adress on your panel, exemple :
  • In « Port » : put the port numberof your server (You can find this adress on your panel, exemple : )
  • Put the user name that you want
  • Then, click on OK

NOTE : you can too :

  • right-click directly on a Mumble in the list
  • Click on "Add to Favorites"

Configure the Mumble server

Mumble Client Configuration



CPU audio

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