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Administration panel

  • In this panel, you will find all the actions and informations useful to the good work of your Battlefield 3 server.

image: Panel administration1_EN.png

Informations on the Battlefield 3 server

image: Informations_BF3_EN.png

  • Server ID – Private or Public - Country * Option(s) activated * Renew
  • Number of slots of the game server.
  • Number of slots of the vocal server (if you have one).
  • Expiration date.

The action buttons

image: Panel_BF3_admin_boutons_EN.png

Manage secondary rights

image: Panel_BF3_gerer_droits_button_EN.png

This button allows you to add, modify, or delete secondary rights on the administration panel of your server.

1. Chose the email

Enter the email of the VeryGames to which you wish to give, modify or delete rights, and click on "search".


2. Set up the rights

Click on image:Gerer_droits_configure_acces_button_EN.png of the service to which you wish to give, modify or delete rights.

NOTE : If you don't have any vocal server or web hosting, you will only be able to set the rights of the Battlefield 3 server.

File:Gerer droits BF3 EN.jpg

For instance : we're going to give rights to the Game server #7875 of the Battlefield 3 server.
I click on image:Gerer_droits_configure_acces_button_EN.png in the game server section.

In the list on the right, you simply need to :
- tick the rights you want to add.
- untick the rights you want to delete.
- If you want to give all the rights, then you can click on image:Gerer_droits_allselection_button_EN.png
- If you want to delete all the rights, then you can click on image: Gerer_droits_noselection_button_EN.png

Double check that you can give the rights you're about to give.
Some rights are only available with certain games, options, or services.

CAREFUL : rights with this symbol next to them image:Gerer_droits_warning_button_EN.png, are made to warn you that if you give that right, the person will have access to confidential datas.
She will be able to edit your password for instance.
These rights are to be given to people whom you fully trust.

- Validate by clicking on image:Gerer_droits_appliquer_button_EN.png

3. Secondary access list
image: Gerer_droits_BF3_2_EN.png

You can see the list of the people to whom you gave secondary rights.
To add, modify or delete rights to someone that already has some, you just need to click on image: Gerer_droits_voir_button.png

Change Offer

image: Panel_BF3_change_offre_button_EN.png

Changing your offer is a service that allows you to switch from an offer to another FOR FREE, only the rental expiration date will be modified.

In the case of a BattleField 3 server, you can :

* Increase or decrease the number of slots
* Switch from private to public, and vice versa
* Modify or rent a vocal server
* Add or delete options to your vocal server
* Modify or rent a web hosting

More informations on changing your offer here

Admin panel

It's the the management panel of your game server, your vocal server (if you have one), and your web hosting (if you have one).

  • It allows you an optimal management of your server thanks to tools.

image: Panel_serveur_BF3_EN.png


image: Informations_mini_BF3_EN.png

1. You will find tabs for :

  • Your game server
  • Your vocal server (if you have one)
  • Your web hosting (if you have one)
  • Your domain name (if you have one)

NOTE : if you don't have a domain name for instance, you won't have any « Domain name » tab, for instance.

2. Then, an informations minibar :

  • Status
  • Server ID
  • Game
  • Address IP/port
  • Number of slots
  • Actions buttons (Restart and stop the server)

The tool buttons

image: Panel_BF3_outils_EN.png

My Server

image: Panel_BF3_monserver_button_EN.png

image: Panel_BF3_monserver_EN.png

This button allows you to do the small modifications or to define certain settings of your server :

  • Modify the port of your game server
  • Modify the namz of your server (vars.serverName)
  • Add a description (vars.serverDescription)
  • Define the password of your game server (vars.gamePassword)
  • Define the administration password of your game server
  • Know the RCON port (useful for certain administration softwares such as ProCon)

Custom my server

image : Panel_BF3_personaliser_mon_serveur_button_EN.png

image : Maps_BF3_EN.png

image : Panel Maps_BF3_EN.png

The Maps button allows you to customize you maplist. Add, remove, define a map's place, choose the game mode the number of rounds as well as the maximum number of player for each map.

image : Config BF3.png

image : Panel_Configuration_Serveur_BF3.png

Le bouton Configs, vous permets de configurer en détails votre serveur Battlefield 3. Chaque commandes est expliquées grâce au bouton Image : Info_BF3.png


image : Panel_BF3_maintenance_button_EN.png

Here, you can :

  • Stop your server

Your server will be paused and will be ready to be reactivated anytime.

  • Restart your server

The restart is effetive in a few seconds.

  • Reinstall your server

CAREFUL : All maps datas will be lost!

  • Repair your server

NOTE : this will recreate any missing or corrupted file.

  • Choose at what time you want your server to be automatically rebooted everyday.

Manage my server LIVE

image : Panel_BF3_adminlive_button_EN.png

Image : Administration_BF3_Live_general_EN.png

This button allows you to manage your server live.

You can :

  • Know the current map running on the server
  • Restart the round
  • Pass to the next round

File:Administration BF3 Live joueur EN.png

Each connected players are visible, you can :

  • Swap them
  • Kill them
  • Kick them
  • Ban them
  • Give them administration rights
  • Save them a slot

Image : Administration_BF3_Live_console_EN.png

The console allows to send commands to edit settings on your server, such as increasing or decreasing Conquest number of tickets, hide the mini-map, ... and so on (the most important commands can be found in the Custom my server tab).

Note: After a server restart, settings modified through the console will be reinitialized.

Image : Administration_BF3_Live_chat_EN.png

The chat allows you to send messages on the server, to all players, one of the teams, or a specific squad.

Users management

image : Panel_BF3_gestionusers_button_EN.png

Image : Gestion_Bans_BF3_EN.png

Image : Gestion_Bans_Panel_BF3_EN.png

The ban management allows you to definitively exclude a player from your server. Each banned player will be listed under the Ban management tab, and you will be able, assuming that's what you want, to remove it from the list.

Image : Gestion_Admins_bouton_BF3_EN.png

Image : Gestion_Admins_BF3_EN.png

This tab allows you to add/remove administration rights to one of the players.

Image : Gestion_Slots_Bouton_BF3_EN.png

Image : Gestion_Slots_BF3_EN.png

The slots management allows you to save a slot to a player. He will then be able to join the server, even if it's full.

Thanks to the owner of the #5381 server, that undoubtedly didn't know he was helping.

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