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Minecraft VQS A game unlike any other
The Minecraft VQSi offer
What's Minecraft ?
Minecraft Classic or Craftbukkit or OpenMod JAVA
VeryGames' admin panel
Minecraft's Frequently Asked Questions !

Free services
Autoplugin plugins in one click !
Map Viewer visualize your world in 3D
Map Backup day to day backup of your map
MySQL Database 1 GB for your plugins
OpenMod JAVA load up any version of Minecraft

Optional services
Map Viewer Premium render every 8 hours + LiveMap
Map Backup Premium backup every 2 hours
DiskSpace to store even more
Voice Server to communicate between players

Minecraft et ses mods
The possibilities of a Minecraft server
Craftbukkit : Its perks over Minecraft
Craftbukkit : A few plugins to know
Minecraft : The other mods to know
Panel MC EN.png

Administration panel

  • In this panel, you will find all the needed informations to use your Minecraft VQS server.

Panel admin MC EN.png

Minecraft server information

Informations MC EN.png

  • Server ID – Bocks's number - Country * Option(s) enabled * Renew its offer
  • Slots's number of your game server
  • Slots's number of your voice server (If you have one)
  • End date

Action buttons

Panel MC admin boutons EN.png

Manage rights

Panel MC gerer droits button EN.png

1. Mail choice

Enter the VeryGames account email which you want to add, modify or delete an secondary access and click on "Search".

Mail rights.png

2. Manage access

Click on Manage rights configure button.pngof the service which you want to add, modify or delete rights.
NOTE : if you have no voice server, or web hosting, you can only give rights to Minecraft game server.

SP manage rights.png

For exemple : we will give rights to Mumble ULL 1.2 #1343 of the server pack .
Then, click onManage rights configure button.png in the vocal server frame.

In the right list, you just need to :
- check the rights you wish to add.
- uncheck the rights you wish to delete.
- If you want to give Full rights you can click on Gerer droits allselection button.JPG
- If you want to delete All the rights you can click on Gerer droits noselection button.JPG

Verify carefully that you can give the proposed rights.
Some rights are available only with certain games, some options or some services.

WARNING : the rights with this symbol before Gerer droits warning button.JPG, are made ​​to warn you that if you give this right, the person will have access to confidential data.
She may by example change your password .
Do not give these rights only if you are very confident of that person .

- Validate by clicking on Managel rights apply rights button.png

3. List of secondary access

Secondary access list.png

FTP access

Panel MC ftp button EN.png

  • Here are the FTP information about your Minecraft server

FTP access server of your server Minecraft

You can create as many FTP as you want; you can delete and change passwords.

Panel MC ftp 1.png

FTP acess web hosting of your server Minecraft

You can create as many FTP as you want; you can delete and change passwords.

Panel MC ftp 2.png


Panel MC stats button EN.png

Use of the Disk space details

Change offer

Panel MC change offre button EN.png

Change offer is a service that let you change from one offer to another for FREE, only your rental end date will be changed.

For a Minecraft server you can:

  • Make a simple change (an option, the map size...)

NOTE : more you will have slots, more you'll be able to take a big map size.

  • Rent or remove a voice server

NOTE : such as web hosting is offered when you rent a voice server, if you delete it, you will lose your web hosting.

  • Change to "Minecraft VQSinfinite (Only with Minecraft VQS offer)

More information of the change offer here

Game server panel

  • This is the panel of your game server, your voice server (if you have one) and your web hosting (if you have one).

It allows you to manage your server optimally with tools.

Panel server MC EN.png


Informations mini MC EN.png

1. You can find :

  • Your game server
  • Your vocal server (if you have one)
  • Your web hosting (if you have one)
  • Your domain name (if you have one)

NOTE : if you didn't have domain name, you didn't have "domaine name" tab.

2. And a mini information bar :

  • Operating Status
  • Server ID
  • Game
  • IP Adress/port
  • Slots number
  • Action buttons (Restart and stop the server)

Tools buttons

Panel MC outils EN.png

My server

Panel MC myserver button EN.png

This button allows you to make changes or to define some common settings for your server :

  • Modifiy the server name (hostname)
  • Modify the server DNS alias (active within 12 to 24 hours)
  • Choose the port number
  • Launch or uninstall your game(s)
  • Create a new world on the server
  • Select the world to load on the server
  • Select the world to DELETE on the server
  • Add or remove a server admin
  • Add or remove a player to the server white-list
  • Ban or unban a player by login
  • Ban or unban a player by IP address

My games

Panel MC mygames button EN.png

Manage my games

In this section, you can install, uninstall, launch, repair, reinstall a game : The installation takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the selected game.

  • You can see a list of your installed games.
  • You then have a search engine that lets you quickly search the game you want to install

Once the game is found, just click on the button Install

See too :


This calendar allows you to automate games changes to your server.
The calendar only works with the games you have installed.

Custom my server

Panel MC custom my server button EN.png

This service allows you to easily manage your plugins and your config.

MC onglets personnaliser serveur.JPG


This tab is available only with Minecraft CraftBukkit.

1. Click on the button Panel MC personalise my server button.png

2. Choose the tab Plugins button.JPG.
You then have access to manage your plugins.

3. For Install/Uninstall/Active/Disable a plugin, just click on it.

See too :


1. Click on the button Panel MC personalise my server button.png

2. Choose the tab Configs button.JPG.
You then have access to manage your game server config.

3. You must first choose your level of knowledge among :

  • Beginner
  • Middle
  • Expert


Panel MC maintenance button EN.png

This service consists of three tabs :

  • Maintenance
  • Console logs
  • History


Here you can :

  • Update the server

USAGE: for CraftBukkit only, when a recommended update comes out.

  • Stop the server
  • Restart you server
  • Reinstall your server

WARNING: all your worlds and plugin data will be lost! You can still restore an existing backup.

  • Repair your server

NOTE : this repair will restore the missing and corrupt files.

  • Select below the time you want your server being rebooted every day.

Console logs

Console logs retransmits all messages displayed by the game server.
It is important to consult these logs to ensure normal operation of the game server (detection of error messages), especially after a crash, or when the server does not start.


This only shows when your server is rebooted for taking too much RAM or CPU when no ones on it. It also informs you of all actions made by you and your secondary users. Recently we've also added an automatic map reparation tool, the notifications will be displayed under this tab too.

Map Viewer

Panel MC mapviewer button EN.png

This service allows you to generate with Google Maps, a world map of your server every morning.
To see your map from Google Maps just click on the link :****/world in your panel.


  • If you have the default "MapViewer" option, you will see your map in high quality render (day map only). Generated once a day.
  • If you have chosen the "MapViewer Premium" option, you will see your map in several types of high quality maps of his world (day map, night map, subsoil map) and activates the LiveMap. Generated every 8 hours.

Map Backup

Panel MC mapbackup EN.png

This service allows you to use the map on your server several days ago.

Backups are done automatically once a day.
To use a backup of your old map on your server, just tick the backup you want and click on "Restore the selected world".
Once done, restart your server is needed.


  • If you have the Backup+ option, your map will be save every 6 hours.
  • If you have the Backup Premium option, your map will have an automatic backup of your world every 2 hours.

Map area

Only with Minecraft VQS offer.

Panel MC conso blocks EN.png

This part of your admin panel allows you to visualize the map area that you have explored.

It is really important to check the map area. If your map area is between 100% and 120%, you will receive warning messages every 15 minutes in the server.

If your map area exceeds 120%, your server will not start. You have two possibilities, create a new map or change your offer to a larger map.

Your area is limited depending on the offer you have selected when you have ordered your Minecraft server.
The map area is calculated using the blocks (only horizontal) as the unit of measurement

Exemple : you choose a map area of "1500*1500". Once you've explored this area on your server, your blocks consumption will be 100%.

WARNING : if your map area exceeds 120%, your server will not start.

Vocal server panel

This is your voice server panel.

  • This allows you to manage optimally your server with tools.

NOTE : if you don't have a voice server, you will not have this panel.

Web hosting panel

This is your web hosting panel.

  • his allows you to manage optimally your web hosting with tools.

NOTE : web hosting is included, if you have rented a voice server. If you do not have one, you will not have this panel.